Saturday, May 31, 2014

What to expect from a "Paint Like Me!" Party

Have you ever wanted to attend a wine and paint party but didn't quite know what to expect?
Our classes and parties are a little different from the average 'learn to paint' experience. Here is how "Paint Like Me! Party" is unique. 

1.  Right off the bat you'll notice one major difference ... NO EASELS.
We want you to be able to see across the table and converse with anyone, not just the person on either side of you.  Also, our designer, Elizabeth, paints everything flat, allowing for some paint techniques that are not possible with on a vertical surface.

2.  LAYERS AND TEXTURES.  All of our canvases are created through a process of layering textures and colors. Nothing is ever just paint and you will most likely learn some techniques you have never tried before. Our class participants tell us they LOVE painting with unconventional objects and learning about textural  products they have never even heard of, or always wanted to try.

3. Our canvases are MIXED MEDIA and ABSTRACT works of art. Often times vintage papers and elements are incorporated into the design.  It is not unusual to find tissue paper, sand, rust, salt, tiny glass beads, crushed glass and other items incorporated into the paintings. Our artists are given some flexibility in their compositions and color choices. We love seeing the creativity our novice AND  experience painters bring to the table.

4. YOU WILL BE AMAZED Our canvases are created with a 'no fail' very forgiving system. You can relax and be confident that your canvas will be something to be proud of when you leave the party. You do not need any existing artistic ability when you arrive, but you will take some with you when you leave! Our instructor is right there with you to make sure you are enjoying every step of the process.
We often hear 'I can't believe I painted THAT!' from our artists. We want you to be happy and come back for more!

Whether you are a seasoned artist or it's your first time to hold a paint brush, you will have fun and create something amazing!

Our Pricing.
We offer two different sizes and two different experiences.  
The 16x20 'Class' which you will create a large work of art with no less than 5 layers of high end, textural products. There is a bit more emphasis on learning and experiencing the artistic process in our 'classes'  The cost is 50.00 per person. 
Our 16x20 Classes are held in our Mahomet studio, at The Perfect Pair in Warrensburg, and are also available for home parties. 

The 8x10 'Party' which you will create a smaller work of art in a more party-like atmosphere. There is a lot of opportunity for socializing and these parties are held at various locations and in people's homes.  The price of a 8x10 varies depending on the location.  Our current schedule is located on our website, as well as constantly updated on our facebook page.

To schedule your own party, please contact us through the 'contact' page on our website at

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Website

Hey everybody!
Thanks for stopping by here! Paint Like Me! Party has been growing so quickly, we saw the need for a stand alone website, please visit us at

You can view the canvases, see the calendar of upcoming events and even contact us about hosting your own party!
Remember, we are Central Illinois' ORIGINAL 'hosted' paint party...meaning, we bring the party to you!

                                     Paint Like Me! Party at Katz on Merchant. Our first open enrollment paint parties started here, but we quickly outgrew the space and moved on over to Lock Stock and Barrel where we can accomadate up to 40 people each party!