Monday, June 17, 2013

Paint Like Me! Home Parties

Perhaps you would like to have a private party where you choose the canvas and the location....we have an app for that! We offer private parties for homes, businesses, even fundraisers!

How do these parties work?
* You select one painting from our current canvas collection on our website's gallery
*Select a night in which you have 2 hours to eat, drink and paint merry. Check out the calendar on our website to see what nights might be open. If there is nothing on a date, chances are it's available!
Fill out the 'private party request form' on the 'sign up now' page of our site to get your event into  our 'que.  We have tons of requests at any given time, so everyone must follow this procedure. WE DO NOT PLAN PARTIES THROUGH FACEBOOK MESSAGING.
*Collect the correct amount of money per friend....25.00 per person for an 8x10 party (minimum of 10 people) and 50.00 per person for a 16x20 party (minimum of 6 people) . We suggest collecting the money in advance to cut down on last minute cancellations. You are responsible for a minimums people, whether or not they show up for your party.
*Submit your deposit  to reserve your time slot. Pay your deposit through the smiley face icon on our website, or you can mail a check to us at 1112 E. Reserve Ct. Mahomet IL 61853. Your deposit is applied to the overall cost of your party and is not 'in addition to' the cost.
*Provide drinks and snacks and THE SPACE for the party.

How do I get the man in my life to want to try this? 
A Paint Like Me Party is a great date night activity! We have one date night class a month at The Perfect Pair, or you can have your own party! (For the current class schedule at TPP, click HERE!
If you would like to hold a "Couples' Class", you must choose from the available Couples' Canvas selections. (Currently, "Lonely Birches", and "Fifty Shades of Fall").  The cost is 80.00 per couple.

What kind of space do you need?

Depending on how many painters you have, you may need to have your party in a well lit garage or basement or any area that is not carpeted.  The products we use are not super messy, but we suggest the room not be carpeted and the chairs not be upholstered. Mainly you will be standing, but it's nice to have a chair or two for people if they prefer to sit. 
We provide the tables and table coverings and aprons for everyone as well as all the materials. The only thing your guests may want to bring is a hair dryer, and their snacks and drinks!

What if I want to have a party, but not at my house?
Contact us for a list of venues we work with. This is ever changing and updated, so just shoot us an email and ask!

What if I just want to take a class and not have the responsibility of rounding up participants?
Sign up for an open enrollment party through the 'sign up now' page on our webiste!

What does the  cost per person get us? 
We provide the Canvases, all the products,aprons ,the tools and the know how. Elizabeth VanHoutan, our instructor, has over 20 years experience in the arts industry. Her work hangs in distinguished homes and businesses.  You will learn from an actual trained artist who holds a degree in design. There is no problem she can't paint her way out of! If you get into a bind on your canvas (which is highly unlikely) she will help you fix it!!! No one leaves unhappy unless they want to!
Be prepared to learn and laugh and have a great time. Our canvases are highly textured, shimmery, name it. No canvas will EVER be 'just paint'.  Because most of our subject matter is abstract, no two paintings will be exactly alike.  We allow for some customization too! You will leave a class or party with the knowledge to go home and create more masterpieces!

What kind of products do you use?
Some of our products are commonly found at Art Supply stores, but others are more unique and different. You have most likely not worked with them before. Products like Lusterstone, Mica Flakes, Glitter Paste, Gold or Silver Leaf, tiny glass beads and crackle paste,  to name a few.
You will most likely learn some new painting techniques, as we use more than just paintbrushes to create our masterpieces!

Do you need to be an artist to host a party?
Heavens no! All of our canvases are geared towards people who have never painted before. We walk you through every single step and won't let you  "mess up"-You will walk away with a canvas you love!

Can I request a subject matter for a specific event?
Absolutely!  I will work with you to create a painting for your event. Perhaps you are having a Paint Like Me baby shower, family reunion or bachelorette party....I am  always coming up with new ideas and looking for inspiration , so feel free to make a request! For a 'custom canvas' party, there is an additional cost of 5.00 per person to cover the design fee!

What if I want to have a fundraiser/paint party? Just ask!
We have worked with many local charities to help them raise funds for their organizations. Typically we upcharge 10.00 per person to donate towards the charity. We can help  you scout out a venue, too!

I really love paint parties....are you hiring??

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