Monday, September 14, 2015

All You Need is Love - Mini Canvas Free Instructions

All you need is love, a little paint and a few unconventional tools to create this darling mini canvas, that's a perfect gift or tribute to every one's favorite band, The Beatles!  To purchase this kit from etsy, follow this link

One of the things that makes our 'wine and paint' parties unique is the use of our unconventional tools. For this canvas you will need the following:  (or you can purchase our 'favorite tools' kit here)

* Yellow heavy bodied acrylic paint
*White heavy bodies acrylic paint
*Orange fabric dye or ink in a spray bottle
*Mod Podge, matte
*assorted paper ephemera ( included in favorite tools kit), we used vintage sheet music,  multi colored and black scrapbooking  paper , 2 'love' words cut from a punch, triangles cut from black and white paper.

*1 plastic canvas disc
*1 small plastic tile trowel
*1 small doily
*1 foam circle bead
*black charcoal pencil, crayon or pastel
* bubble wrap
*makeup sponges
*hair dryer or fan
*painting surface. I recommend something with some body, be it a canvas, hardboard or matte board.

Gather your supplies and let's go!

1. Apply a semi heavy coat of yellow paint to entire canvas, it's ok to have a few areas of the paint surface showing through. Use tile trowel to create ridges and movement in your paint.

2.  Dry yellow layer with a hairdryer or fan.  Lay plastic canvas disc over the canvas and spray orange fabric dye through it. Just spritz, don't saturate or the dye will bleed together behind the disc and you will have lost your pretty pattern. Do this same step with the doily to create interesting patterns in the background.  Let dry.

3. Set canvas upright (you can lean it against something heavy or just hold it up) and spray orange fabric dye from the top and let drip down. You can leave drips as is, or you can use a wadded up paper towel to move around....just do whatever you think looks best, you can always add more! 

Once dry, spray through your plastic canvas and/or doily as desired.

4. Using makeup sponge, apply white acrylic paint to bubble side of bubble wrap piece. Flip over and 'stamp' bubbles onto your background.

Make sure you use a thin coat of paint, to overload your bubbles will leave you with blobs and not bubbles. Let dry.

5. Begin to lay our your paper elements.  If you are purchasing our kit, all the elements needed for this canvas will be included. If not, you can just create and cut your own.

Once you have settled on your layout, mod podge your elements down.  As I always say in our classes, 'Mod Podge' is fancified must be UNDERNEATH what you are gluing down, cannot just go over the top!"  (not sure where that rumor got started...)

6. Using a circular piece of foam ( we like foam beads available in packages in the kids' crafts aisle)
'stamp' a circle of white into the middle of your flower elements. Let the stamp create some peaks as you pull it away from the paint.   Dry with a hair dryer.

7. Dip a small artist brush into orange fabric dye and apply to flower centers, over the white 'love' paper element and any other areas you  want to stain. Let dry.

Once painting is completely dry, draw around elements with charcoal, black crayon or pastel to add some more details. I added details to both the butterfly, and the flowers....but let your creativity run free with this, it's one of my favorite ways to 'tie up' a painting!  

Voila!!! You are done!  xo, Elizabeth 

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