Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Current canvases for September and October

Hey ya'll!!!
It's Fall!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!
Fall is not only my favorite season, it kicks off our busiest season for paint parties!
Currently we have a TON of opportunities to Paint Like ME!   (did you ever wonder why ME is capatilized?...well it stands for Mike and ya know!)

I thought I'd do a little 'splainin  our canvases because there is so much going on right now!

"Illinois Love" at City Center, Champaign :

One of our easiest and 'cleanest' designs....everyone leaves with a masterpiece! You do not have to draw the Illinois shape and all the techniques are very Montessori (get your hands dirty!) and easy!
If you love your state, or as Mike calls them 'The Beloved Illini', you will want to paint this one!

"Gypsy Heart" at  Paint Like Me Studio, Mahomet 

We really should charge more than 20.00 per person for this one...the list of products you get to use is 150 dollars long!  Not only will you use a rust kit, copper metallic paste, anaglypta wallpaper but there is more...yes MORE!!! Studs, mica flakes...the list goes on and on...... If you like rusty, crusty, rustique things...this one's for you!
BYOB allowed

"No Mud, No Lotus" at Richland Community  College, Decatur

Our classes at Richland Community college are more informational and workshop-ey than our parties in bars and restaurants. You will learn more about the products you are using as well as other things you can do with them. This canvas features a unique 'negative space' painting technique that we know you will want to use in your own artwork for a departure from the usual! Information about registering is on our website , but you must call Richland to register  at 217-875-7211 ext.265
No alcohol allowed at this venue, but you may bring a snack and beverage or hit the vendies in the lobby!

"Pumpkin and Crow" at Alto Vineyards, Champaign

Pumpkin and Crow is one of our most popular canvases. It features 3 different stencils which you get the freedom to choose,as well as hologram foil! Also our fool proof method of getting your shapes just right! Everyone loves this canvas! Easy and fun and perfect for your seasonal decor! Register here

"Flora's Peacock" at Lock Stock and Barrel, Decatur

This canvas is painted in the style of artist Flora Bowley and is one of our 'unconventional tools' artworks.  Trowels, cardboard, foam brushes and drips are used in it's completion. Always a favorite and another one that's really hard to mess up due to our shape transfer techniques! Flora's peacock is shimmery and full of textural goodness! You'll love!!!! Register here

"Sugar Skull" at Paint Like Me Studio in Mahomet

We are sooooooooooooooooooooo excited about our Sugar Skull Party in our Mahomet Studio--we have TWO sessions in one day!  A 1 pm, 'kid friendly' session (not only for kids, there just will be a mix of kids and adults) and 6:30 pm 'adults only' party. During our party you will not only get to paint this fun Sugar skull, but you also get a sheet of facial tattoos to wear at the party, or save for later and during the break you will learn how to make a Mexican paper flower. PLUS...there's a GLITTER BAR!!!!   This is a 'sip and paint' style of painting meaning no real techniques involved, just filling in the shapes (and you get to choose the facial features!)  Lots of sparkle and a quotation by Frieda Kahlo  in Spanish which translates to "I love you more than my own skin".
Feel free to come dressed in costume!
Register here for the 6:30 pm party     BYOB  allowed

or for the 1 pm Kid Friendly session

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